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Standard label printer to print new orders from our system. You need medium or advanced package in order to use this with NemTakeAway.

TM-T20II is a budget friendly POS label printer that prints receipts fast.

The combination of it’s fast print speed, high reliability and economic efficiency makes this Energy Star qualified printer a must-have to smaller businesses and specialty shops.

Price friendly 
This easy to use model is our most price friendly POS label printer and has 80mm print width. The automatic paper slow function reduced top and bottom margins, error in line hight and barcode hight and provides options for flexible receipt printing. It monitors and controls the paper usage. Paper usage is minimized further by printing the top logo on the next receipt before cutting, so the top margin is reduced by additional 12 mm.

With its MTBF of 360.000 hours and mechanical expected life of 15 millioner lines, you can trust TM-T20II.

TM-T20II is delivered with USB interface and you can choose between two models:
1) USB + Serial,
2) Ethernet

It’s printing speeds of 200 mm/s can save you time and it’s competitive price and few maintenance costs can save you money. Ideal when you need to rush through a queue.

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 50 cm

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