Checkout system/POS


Checkout system for takeaway restaurants

Would you like to gather your takeaway orders and physical sales in your restaurant into one POS system?

NemPOS is our POS system, which is well-suited for the restaurant industry and smaller retail stores.

If you are a NemTakeAway customer with a Medium or Advanced subscription, you can access our POS system, NemPOS Standard, as part of your subscription.

On this page, you can read more about your options with NemPOS.

NemPOS is included in NemTakeAway’s Medium and Advanced packages. If you want NemPOS Medium, which includes features like table plans, splitting bills, and multiple registers, you can purchase NemPOS Medium as an add-on to your subscription.


A minimum of hardware purchases


User friendly POS system


Specific features for takeaway


Sales numbers and statistics

What is NemPOS?

NemPOS is a browser-based point-of-sale (POS) system. This means that the POS system does not require a large investment in hardware. You can use the system on most devices with an internet connection. For example, use the POS system on your own iPad or tablet – as long as you have internet access on your device.

The user-friendly and intuitive POS system ensures quick and smooth transactions for both your employees and your customers. 

The fact that NemTakeAway can be integrated into the POS system provides a solid foundation for accurate bookkeeping of your sales. The goal is to enable easy sales registration, making your finances manageable for both you and your accountant.

takeaway ordre

Specific features for takeaway businesses

The POS system provides an overview and consolidates your in-shop and online takeaway sales into the system. Additionally, you get access to several useful features for your takeaway business:

  • Integration with NemTakeAway
  • Kitchen printing
  • Optional table plan
  • Integration with e-conomic

Road more about NemPOS on the website


New requirements for digital cash registers

You may have heard that there will be new requirements for the use of digital cash registers in Denmark from January 2024.
The requirement for digital cash registers applies to certain industries and is intended to make it easier for the tax authorities to check companies for VAT and tax fraud.
NemPOS complies with all new legal requirements from 2024 and exchange sales data in SAF-T format, which stands for Standard Audit File For Tax.

Automatic printing of receipts

The system can automatically print incoming orders on an associated receipt printer.

Automatic printing of receipt is, when combined with capacity management, a handy feature in NemTakeAway. This allows the system to receive orders for processing around the clock within the store’s opening hours and automatically print these at a time you choose.

In addition to order printing, the receipt printer can also be used to print other things from NemTakeway and NemPOS – such as customer receipts and sales reports.