Delivery module

Delivery module in NemTakeAway

With NemTakeAway you manage your own deliveries.
In the Medium and Advanced plans, the module is included, and the system allows you to deliver the food using your own driver.

The delivery module provides access to many good setups

  • For deliveries, the price is based on a postal code or a fixed price.
  • You can also choose free delivery when a certain order amount is reached and also set up a minimum order amount.
  • A radius can be set up from the restaurant’s address to set up the longest possible delivery distance. distance
  • Orders can either be accepted automatically or you can choose to accept them manually.

Get inspiration for managing deliveries and learn how JAGGER COPENHAGEN has begun using their own bicycle couriers to save on commissions

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NemTakeAway Driver

For your drivers, we have developed NemTakeAway Driver. It is a link showcasing your delivery summary, which you can send to the driver directly on the smartphone. As a result of this, the driver can easily let you know when the order has been picked up and delivered, and at the same time, the delivery address is at hand with integration with, for example, Google Maps.


External delivery – DeliverIT

DeliverIT can also be used as an external supplier if you do not have your own drivers. The restaurant makes an agreement with the delivery company DeliverIT, which has drivers available. The NemTakeAway and DeliverIT systems integrate, and DeliverIT will then ensure the delivery of the food.