With NemTakeAway, you always pay a fixed monthly fee no matter your revenue.
We take 0% in commission of the revenue you earn in your business.

That is why we say:
“Your customers – Your money”


Complete overview of features:


Overview of Features NemTakeAwayStandardMediumAdvanced
Own design within the online order page
Capacity management – orders/point
Management of products, prices, etc.
Upload of product images
Product builder
Set up of account plan for book keeping
Variants and ingredients
Send SMS/email newsletters
Unlimited amount of orders
Inventory of products
Online payment (own payment agreement)
Collect customer data for index
Management of phone orders via POS
Allergy info on the order page
Order confirmation SMS
Order confirmation email
Notification in case of new orders (sound, email, and SMS)
Integration e-conomic
Manual time confirmation
Delivery module
Driver app/view
Automatic order print
POS/Checkout system
Kitchen display preparation status
Order status display/screen customers
Integration OnlinePOS (online sales numbers)
Send payment request via SMS/email
Website with own design
English language in order
Menu display/screen view
Own subdomain
Landingpage with multiple locations
Headquarters – chain management of multiple restaurants
Loyalty module (point earning/gift card)
Feedback module (guest feedback) with dashboard
Delivery via barcode scanner
Option to disable the NemTakeAway logo