What drains the bottom line in takeaway restaurants?

Jun 25, 2021

The commission fee is too high

For a long time, it has been a big problem in the industry that the food portals charge such high commissions.

Many of our customers are dropping their online takeaway food portals. They even drive the cars themselves to deliver the food. They do this to save up to 30% in commissions, which they would otherwise normally pay to the food portals. Right now, the takeaway restaurants need all the money to end up in their own pockets more than ever before, and, for this reason, it is a necessity to change course. The Aarhus-based IT company NemTakeAway ApS has a takeaway system that can save the hard-pressed takeaway eateries.

“At the moment, we are experiencing a great deal of despair amongst the takeaway restaurants around the country. They call us to hear about the possibility of changing their IT-platforms. They are used to pay upward of 30% in commission to the food portals, but they simply cannot afford that anymore. For this reason, they are trying to find an alternative. It has long been a problem in the industry that the online food portals charge so much in commissions, and now we feel that their customers are responding,” Ulrich Juul Jacobsen, Partner in NemTakeAway ApS, says.

The phones have not stopped ringing; customers have questions about their IT-platforms. NemTakeAway is talking to many takeaway eateries who are choosing to replace the expensive food portals with a commission-free solution, so they can survive the pandemic and get out on the other side, still standing.

Burger anarchy

One of the customers who is investing heavily in takeaway is Restaurant Burger Anarchy in Odense.

”It is vital that we do not have to pay commissions to an online food portal in these difficult times. NemTakeAway has given us a platform similar to other takeaway systems on the market, and it works incredibly well,” the owner Darren Beetson says.

”We try our best to help the many customers who call us and get them set up on NemTakeAway. They reorganize their business and deliver the food to customers themselves,” Ulrich Juul Jacobsen, Partner in NemTakeAway ApS, says.

The blue curve on the graph shows how takeaway orders have exploded for 20 of our customers. The graph shows a summarized turnover for these customers per day.

We have a system that can get you started: https://nemtakeaway.dk/leveringsmodul/